Real Magic Spells
Magic SpellsMagic spells and its practice go far beyond the written history of mankind. Cultures around the world have tried to interpret the universe in terms of magical spells and their influence on human lives. It was at one time, synonymous with religion and was part of everyday life of the society. Magic as a separate category originated in Judaism in which its practice was regarded as a means to achieve gains from pagan gods.
In modern times, the ancient magic spells are experiencing a revival. Some of the most sought after real magic spells are of:
• Love
• Wealth and
• Binding
There are categories in magical spells. Some are regarded as the white magic while some are termed black magic.
Magic Spells of Love
Love spells are considered the most difficult among spells. These spells are intended to proclaim to the universe that you are available to a romantic love relationship. Love spells are of different categories some common among them are:
• To retrieve a person: – these are attraction spells that aim to attract the person you love or you lost.
• Spells to prevent breakup: – these love magic spells are used to prevent the breaking up of your relationship with someone you hold dear to your heart.
Binding Spells
Binding spells are a popular genre among spells. They are thought to be the oldest type of the magic spells. These spells are intended to reduce the influence a person have on you. The history of binding spells dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. They invoked gods like Hecate, Hermes and Persephone.
The spell described below is an example of binding spells.
• Write the person’s name on a 3*3 inch piece of white paper with a black ink pen and cross it with a pentagram.
• Fond the paper twice on its middle and use a paper clip to keep it like that.
• Lift this to your forehead and chant three times that your want to be protected from this person
• Now to finish the spell, place the spell under your right shoe and slam on it nine times.
Wealth Spells
The wealth spells are considered to be less likely to backfire and are used by many people around the world. However you should understand what you really want before casting spells of this category. The term wealth, in its universal meaning, is not limited to monetary implications. Wealth can be of love, of friendship, of beauty etc.
Before casting money spells you need to revise yourself meaning that you need to change your attitude! Confidence and optimism are the catalysts needed in a successful spell casting. When you think that “I can’t do that, it’s too difficult” or “that’s too risky, better stay away” you are retreating yourself into the dark gloom that’s been tormenting you. Instead, think positive, analyze your opportunities and understand them. It is said that optimism and enthusiasm creates a charged atmosphere around you and when you use appropriate spells to expedite your goal, it’s a straight highway to success!
Magic spells should be used with care. There are black magic as well as white and grey magic. Each one has its own effects and side effects. Be sure that you stick to the white magic and stay away from back as much as possible. Magic spells are the knowledge of the ancient people and should be regarded with utmost caution and reverence